Transitional Dressing – It’s Time to Add a Touch of Spring to Winter Clothes

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buy Tastyliaonline no prescription It’s almost spring and, as the weather warms up, it’s time to think about transitional dressing. Time to look ahead to the new season and begin incorporating trendy colours and styles to your winter wardrobe. This spring will be about shine, and pastels, and floral prints, and minimalism, and sporty details, and bermuda shorts. Not all of that is appropriate yet. But there are ways to start building in a bit of summer without looking crazy – or freezing!

Think about mixing in lighter fabrics and brighter colours. I started my spring shopping last weekend at a new consignment store I found on Dundas just east of Brock called VSP (great stores by the way! Highly recommend it!) I picked up a new silk tunic in a mix of blue and green with a very funky print. The colours remind me of the ocean and the print is fun and quirky. It looks great right now belted over black tights, with booties or thigh high boots, and a jacket (leather moto for a funkier look, a boyfriend or fitted blazer for work). Later on, it will look great with bare legs – either with booties, sandals or strappy heels.

You can also start incorporating more traditional spring / summer items. Throw a navy striped tee under your jacket instead of a button-down, pair a flowy skirt with flat boots and a chunky sweater, wear your new crop top over a crisp white shirt until it’s warm enough to bare some skin. Wear shorts with a classic shirt and jacket combo. Just wear tights and a closed toe shoe to keep it seasonal.

Shop early and look for spring-inspired pieces that work with your current wardrobe. I recently bought a black and white quilted blazer that looks like a very light-weight ski jacket – though in a much better fabric. It looks awesome with a patterned pant, skinnies, or a pencil skirt but it references the sportswear trend. You could also work the minimalist trend right now – classic black and white combos, sheath dresses, and sleek jewellery all will look totally on trend this spring and can easily go to work now. Floral prints in bright fabrics can provide a welcome touch of colour and will easily work with sweaters and jackets. Button downs will relax in the spring and be worn open at the neck (or further if you dare). This winter it was totally in to button up to the neck – now it’ll feel newer to leave a few buttons undone. Metallics are going to be big and will look trendiest when worn for day. Consider buying a metallic shoe or a shimmery pencil skirt now and go ahead and start wearing it early. You’ll be ahead of the trend but these pieces are easy to mix in with winter fabrics and colours. Even pastels can work if you pick up a piece in the right fabric. What about a pastel pencil skirt? The shape is classic enough to make up for the light colour. Or you could go for a pale silk button down and nail two trends in one. This piece will not only work right now but it’ll take you all the way through summer. Similarly, tweed is hot again and designers are showing it in unusual ways – shorts, tops, purses…  Consider investing in a pastel tweed jacket or skirt in a colour that suits you. It’s a classic that will work as well right now as it will in the spring and for years to come. Even up-dating your jeans can make you feel like spring is really in the air. The newest style is the boyfriend. Pick up a pair cheap at Sirens (they have loads! Buy them one size too big to be even trendier.) or Ardenne (they’re getting a beautiful pair in light-weight, slightly distressed denim that’s definitely on my shopping list) if you’re road-testing the style. Combined with pumps and a jacket they are surprisingly wearable and so comfortable!

When you shop at this time of year, think of how long you’ll be able to wear the piece. Ideally, you’ll grab those pieces that you can wear now by layering them and keep wearing alone once the weather warms up. Alternatively, pick things up that you can layer over last spring’s clothes and that will still be wearable in the fall. Chunky knit sweaters, tall boots, cardigans or blazers are always a good buy. At this time of year it’s good to also shop the sales for basic winter items. Look for coats, outdoor boots, cashmere, scarves, gloves, and hats at huge discounts. This does not count as transitional dressing but it’s a smart way to stock up on pieces that are often very expensive in season.

The worse thing you can do when moving from winter to spring is to jump the season and go too far. You just end up looking ridiculous. Open-toed shoes, bare legs with short skirts or shorts, tank tops worn alone, all need to wait until the weather has really turned. Right now you need spring pieces combined with your winter favourites. It’s the mix that makes you look right – and makes your outfits interesting. Be creative. Be bold. Have fun. But remember that there is still snow on the ground and that the ground hog did predict we’d be in it for six more weeks – so it’ll be transitional dressing for a while yet.

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