Quick Fix for Cheap Jeans

find out here I admit it. Occasionally I shop in super trendy and VERY cheap junior stores. Last fall I picked up a $10 pair of grey jeans – not a word of a lie. They’re low rise skinnies that happened to be the perfect shade of grey. I wasn’t entirely sure how much wear I’d get out of grey jeans though and I figured at that price point I could afford to find out. The problem is that at that price point you can’t expect great quality and while the denim itself has lasted no problem, the hardware (zipper, snaps, etc.) certainly isn’t up to par. The biggest problem I had was that the zipper just didn’t stay up. It’s sewn in such a way that it can’t go all the way to the very top and, once I’d worn them a few months, it just wouldn’t stay up. So DIY quick fix time… I simply sewed the zipper shut. Junior skinnies have SO much stretch that pulling them up without undoing the zipper is no problem at all. And once the button is done up you can’t tell at all. As long as my button holds up I can keep wearing the jeans. 🙂

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