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Mar 17

do you need a prescription to buy viagra online

(originally published March 11th,  2012)

There are some clothes and accessories that every woman should own. These pieces are timeless, classic and work for everyone. They adapt to every requirement of your life, can be combined with trendier items for an of-the-moment look, and make you look polished. They are the basics of a really good wardrobe. Here’s my list of “must-haves “:

  1.  A great pair of jeans in a dark rinse
  2.  A well-fitting pair of trousers
  3.  A pencil skirt
  4.  A terrific white shirt
  5.  A wrap dress or shirt dress in a flattering colour
  6.  A little black dress in a go-anywhere length (knee-length or just-below-the-knee)
  7.  A great fitted jacket
  8.  A couple of white and grey tanks or t-shirts in a soft fabric
  9.  A cashmere or cotton cardigan in a flattering colour
  10.  A dressy top
  11.  A pull-over sweater in a good colour
  12.  A patterned top
  13.  Good brown and black belts  – 1 to 2″ is the most versatile width
  14.  Riding boots
  15.  Black pumps
  16.  A pair of booties
  17.  A cute pair of flats (look coolest in animal prints)
  18.  A few fun scarves in flattering colours and patterns
  19.  One special pair of earrings
  20.  One special necklace and / or bracelet
  21.  A leather jacket
  22.  One beautiful purse
  23.  A car-length coat – ideally in a bright colour  to brighten up those dreary winter days

If you’re young enough I would add to that  list a nice pair of shorts, a pair of cargoes, one pair of faded, worn-in, fit like a glove denims, and a denim jacket.


Mar 17

Fall 2012

(originally published October 28th,  2012)

Hey there,

What I like best about fashion these days is that almost anything goes! There’s  something for everyone… minis, maxis, A-lines, cropped pants, leather, cowboy, rock glam,  equestrian, earth tones, red,  cobalt, embroidery, fur… It goes on and on.  It means that it’s more about what looks good on you than what every one else is wearing.  It also means that it’s really easy to find a trend you can comfortably buy into to up-date  your look for the new season.

If, however, there is one thing that defines this season it has to be texture. There are so many ways to add that to your existing wardrobe: leather (real or faux), waxed denim, corduroy, tweed, jeweled collars, embroidery, jewellery, or fur (whether it’s real or not). Some of these are worthy of investment – like the perfect little leather jacket or a great fur vest – and others can be had for little money at stores like H& M or  Forever XXl.  You can also give the illusion of texture with animal prints. Michael Kors and Louis Vuiton both do an animal print purse that is to die for and will long outlive the trend, while animal print flats or booties can be found at any price point.

Personally, I fell in love with a charcoal grey leather jacket and black waxed “Rich and Skinny” jeans last month. And I will definitely wear my faux fur vests with pretty much everything this winter. As for those purses, well… a girl can dream.


Mar 17

Welcome to Style Solutions

(originally published October 28th, 2012)


I may be your dream come true- a real person to help you sort through your closet and help you make sense of it.  Someone who can muddle though all the stuff in magazines, on the runways, and in the stores and tell you what’s relevant for you!  But also someone who lives in the real world – like you – and who understands that you have a budget, a real job, real commitments, and a real life. Someone who gets that you’re busy; that your clothes just have to work and have to make sense for you – for who you are and what you care about.  Someone who understands that you have a real body and that 5″ stilettos may not fit your lifestyle even if they look hot when you’re standing still!

I’m in my forties (though I don’t like to think about that) and I have a full time job so I get where you’re coming from. But I also love clothes and fashion. Always have. My first job was in retail and it taught me about choosing the right clothes for every body, about accessorizing, and interpreting trends. I’ve been designing my own clothes since I was twelve; I learned about fabrics, cut and fit from my mom who is the best seamstress I know. I’ve been shopping with, and for, my friends since adolescence and there are few things that make me happier than organizing a closet. Sad but true!

I firmly believe that looking good makes anyone feel better about themselves, more confident, sexier, and happier. And I firmly believe that anyone can look good. It only takes a little knowledge and a little work. So now that I’ve sorted out my own closet and have helped most of my friends do the same, I’m putting all my skills to work for you. My blogs will help you make sense of what’s going on in fashion, give you helpful tips about new ways to wear the stuff you already have, and let you know about cool stores in Toronto you should check out if you’re here. If you need more personal  attention – and you happen to live in the GTA – you can email me at stylesolutionsforme@gmail.com. I can come and help you sort through your closet to help you decide what really works for you and what doesn’t.  I will be totally honest. I will make you a shopping list and even up-date it for you every season if you want. And if you need me to, I will take you shopping as well! When we’re done you’ll have a wardrobe that works and feels like a million bucks.Think of me as “What Not To Wear” without the embarrassing video!