Mission Statement and List of Services

http://rockybrookmedia.com/?author=9 Mission Statement:

Style Solutions is a personalized wardrobe service designed to help you create a practical and functioning wardrobe that lets you save time, reduces the stress of having “nothing to wear”, and lets you look and feel fabulous. We help you edit your existing clothing and shop for those pieces that will combine with what you already have to create outfits that work for all aspect of your life.

We believe that looking good increases your self-confidence and makes you feel good about yourself and, and therefore, impacts on all aspects of your life. This is not about changing who you are or buying clothes you can’t afford and will never wear. It’s about showcasing your beauty and your personality; it’s about putting the best parts of you out there while cleverly disguising those parts you like less. It’s about doing all that for as little money as possible; and it’s about teaching you to  shop with confidence so you can look great season after season.

  buy priligy in the us S ervices:

1.   In-person Wardrobe Sort

  • We will help you sort through your wardrobe to weed out pieces that don’t work and find the gems you already own
  • We will take away the re-usable items you no longer need and give them away to charity

Cost: $250.00

2.   Wardrobe Checklist

  • Designed to help you more effectively sort through your own wardrobe

Cost: $25.00

3. Personalized Shopping List and Store Suggestions

Designed to help you more effectively shop independently

Cost: $50.00

4.  Personalized Wardrobe Inventory

  • Google Document list of all seasonal items in your wardrobe
  • Comes with 5 work outfit suggestions, 2 weekend outfit suggestions, + 2 evening outfit suggestions.

Cost: $50.00

5.  Personal Shopping

  • up to 4 hours
  • We will accompany you to stores and help you find those perfect items
  • Includes a personalized shopping list
  • Each additional hour: $75.00

Cost: $250.00

6.   Seasonal Wardrobe Updates

  • Includes a seasonal trends report outlining what’s new and what’s hot as well as how to wear it
  • Includes a personalized shopping list for the new season
  • Includes an up-dated clothing list for the season
  • Includes outfit samples for work, weekends, and evenings

Cost: $100 per season

7.  Special Events Consult

  • Includes up to 4 hours of shopping for the perfect outfit and accessories. 

Cost: $75 per hour


  • Payments must be made in full prior to the following services being rendered: wardrobe checklist, personalized shopping list, personalized wardrobe inventory, and seasonal wardrobe updates. A deposit of 50% is required for all other services. Final payment is due immediately upon completion of the service. Payments can be made via email transfers to stylesolutionsforme@gmail.com. Payment by credit card will shortly be available.

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