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Because we all need some inspiration now and then…

go to website Fall Winter 2015-16

  • Chanel Pret-a-Porter Fall Winter 2015 – It doesn’t matter that the outfits Karl Lagerfeld sends down the Chanel each season are more than a little over the top. His shows are so huge and the individual pieces so beautifully executed that I can’t help but sigh a little every time. Don’t look at this for ideas of whole outfits to copy… instead look at the details, the colours, the lengths, the shapes. He’s full on embraced clashing prints and mixed textures and he does it SO well. Notice how all the prints are in the same colour families but do not match and how he uses metallics against wool. I love the classic shoes (though I’d like them even better if they weren’t a slingback) and I love the use of tweed and plaid. A few fave looks: the texture of the white suit at 1:55, the plaid suit at 3:45 and the slightly retro coat at 6:10. And don’t forget to notice the brooches.      
  • Tommy Hilger Fall Winter 2015 – The master of the collegiate look does it again. The show, appropriately, is held on a football field and is the epitome of college chic. Watch it for the great fly away skirt at 0.55 as well as the great use of textures and mixed materials and prints.
  • Celine Fall Winter 2015 – Don’t be put off by the strangeness of the first look or how quickly the model walk or how unhappy they look. There are actually some beautiful pieces in here. I love the white tunic at 1:55; it’s an edgy take on minimalism and a great layering piece. I also love the white coat at 3:58. Stunning. Maybe my favourite thing though is the button down shirts which first come out at 3:15. What a great take on the cartoon trend that’s actually wearable by an adult in the real world!
  • Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2015 – She is the queen of making clothes for real women. This is total wearable minimalism with beautiful cuts and fabrics. Standouts: the off white outfit at 1:55, the yellow culottes at 2:45 and the orange coat at 3:06.
  • Elie Saab Fall Winter 2015 – I really liked this show. The set is gorgeous and there’s a lot of very good ideas in here. The beginning of the show is a great take on utilitarian and I love the monochromatic theme throughout the show. The open toed boots and booties are great and I love the gloves! The fur collars are also yummy. I love the coat at 2:36, the lace dress at 6:10 and the burgundy dress at 9:45 in particular.

Spring Summer 2015

  • Topshop spring and summer 2015 The athletic trend done really well in the first few minutes of the show. Love the flared minis with sweaters or sweatshirts and the little A line skirts with button downs. Not so fond of the see-through dresses at the end though.
  • Michael Kors Spring 2015 – Great midi skirts with button downs, a neat little gingham dress that would make a spectacular cover-up, a cool high waisted denim suit, a gorgeous black wrap blouse and a stunning plaid shirt dress… Great really wearable pieces though sadly ugly shoes for the most part.
  • Burberry spring and summer 2015: This is the show to watch if you want to see some beautiful chiffon skirts and dresses and see how sneakers and chunky sandals can be worn with anything.
  • Chloe Spring and Summer 2015 – The show opens with my favourite little white lace dress of the season. It’s gorgeous and so feminine if not very practical. There are loads of pretty lacy, flowing dresses in this show. So beautiful! There’s also some surprisingly wearable pieces: the black shirt dress, the little purse at 4:03 minutes that also shows up in black, the stunning black maxi dress with chain detailing on the front (a very clever take on cut-outs) and the super cosy loooking hoodie at 5 minutes.
  • Chanel Pret-a-Porter Spring and Summer 2015 – Definitely the most unusual venue (a street in Paris) and the most unusual ending (a protest march by the models)! And, once you get past the madness at the beginning, some really beautiful pieces. I love the shoes at 4:37 (they show up a lot in a variety of colours but the black and white are my faves), the short sleeve trench coat, great striped shorts, an awesome mix of feminine skirts and tops with masculine shoes (brilliant!) and some exquisite fabrics and patterns. Certainly you shouldn’t worry about mixing patterns and colours – if Karl says it’s OK to clash then I guess it’s OK to clash.
  • Stella McCartney Spring and Summer 2015 – If you need inspiration for jumpsuit and culottes here’s the place. And the fabrics looks so soft and fluid – so sophisticated in such a casual comfortable kind of way. There’s a gorgeous white dress, some stuning maxi dresses (the blue one with the open back is stunning) and some great pantsuits + the monochromatic thing is excellent.
  • Victoria Beckham spring and Summer 15 – Beautiful! Love the belts that only show up in the front and back. White flat shoes are pretty genius as are the canvas strap on the bags. The laced white sweater is a stunner and the beige coat dress at 0:50 is beautiful. Easy to imagine incorporating this stuff into my wardrobe.
  • Gucci Spring and Summer 15 – Yummy!!! Now this is 70’s in a way I can get into. The first look is dead on. I wouldn’t change a thing. The denim culottes are kind of brilliant (I think I want those!) and the little lace denim mini dress is sweet. I also love the red snakeskin sandals at 9:08 – particularly when paired with the khaki monochrome outfit. and the Asian inspired pajama suit at 6:00 is brilliant.

Fall Winter 2014-15 

  • Victoria Beckham Fall / Winter 2014-2015. If you needed proof that you can wear white after Labour Day here it is. My favourite piece is the white dress at 1:30. So simple but simply stunning!
  • Cool look at fashion from the 40’s through to the 80’s. As you watch it you can find the sources of so many designer inspiration for this season and for trends that were hot in the last few seasons. Note the shirt dresses throughout the 40’s and 50’s, the wrap coats in 1951, the swing coats (1952 and 59 particularly), the full skirts (50’s) and the loafers in the 1967 shot. I love the black dress in the 1965 shot – it would look just as good today! Totally fun!!!
  • Dolce and Gabbana Women’s Fashion Show Winter 2015. Just so fantastic and beautiful if not always totally wearable. I love the pointy toed flats the second model is wearing. They keep coming up as the show goes on. There are beautiful coats and gorgeous textures. My favourite item is the over-the-knee boots at 2:35. God I wish I could justify those!
  • Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Week – Fall/ Winter 2014. A couple of great jackets from the classic American designer. Check out the yellow one at 0.50, the shearling jacket at 1:40 and the vest at 2:25. Also I love the long skirt and sweater look at 7:30. The ultimate mix of sweater and dressy skirt.
  • Michael Kors – Fall runway show. A lot of it seems over the top 70’s to me but there are some great example of texture (stunning fur scarves all over the place) and layering. I love the way he matches chunky knits with fancy skirts (check out my faves at 1:42, 2:07, 3:55 and 4:00) and the white blouse at 4:44 is awesome. My favourite piece bar none is the fringe skirt at 1:42. I quite like those shoes as well. 🙂

Miscellaneous Fun 

  • Design your own shoes. No joke! The first site lets you personalize various sneaker styles by choosing your colours and materials. You can even add initials if you like. Use the little English icon on the top right to get the site in English and note that the prices are in Euros. It’ll take, according to them, 20 days to get your order. The second site lets you customize dress shoes – from platforms, oxfords and flats to booties and pumps. The site’s a bit confusing at first (take the design tour to help you understand all of your options) and the shoes aren’t cheap but it’s fun even just to play around with! There are loads of materials to choose from and you can customize all aspects of the shoes – from the heel height to the decorations that finish it off. Awesome fun!                                                        Reebok, Adidas, Converse and Nike will also let you personalize your sneakers. I’m not sure why I’ve been shopping at Running World and settling for colours I didn’t really like or which didn’t match my running clothes. From now on, it’s customized all the way!                                                               Nike:                                          Converse:                                    Adidas:                                                                    Reebok:
  • Silk dress shirts for women that come with three inter-changeable collars. Not cheap but a cool concept!

Spring Summer 2014 

  • Burberry Prorsum Women’s Spring 2014 Runway Show Not sure I love the see-through skirts, but the coats are delicious and the longer length for the pencil skirts is demure but sexy. And I love the mix of pastels with earth tones and the mis-match strappy heels.

  • MANGO Spring / Summer 2014 Show Notable because they opened the show with “real” people and for the chunky flat sandals they showed with pencil skirts. Lovely suits and tunics. Wearable clothes for real people…

  • Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 Show A little bit retro feeling but I love the graphic black and white, the bright tunic with the square-heeled sandals and the white applique skirt at 9:10 minutes. I would wear it with a white tank and flip flops for day, and with a silky top half-tucked and strappy sandals for night.

  • Armani Spring 2014 Runway Show I’m not sold on the really big hats but I loved almost everything else. Stunning shoes those open front booties. I want those. I would wear them with everything! Great cropped trousers and I totally love the short suits and the statement necklaces. I also like the little square scarves tied casually at the neck and the matching bags and shoes. Feels new again!

  • Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2014 Runway Show Great bermuda shorts and I really like the little white tennis-inspired pleated minis. Also like the cropped tops over white shirts.

  • Chanel Ready-To-Wear Spring 2014 show It’s Chanel. Enough said. The set alone is jaw-dropping. I don’t really dig the socks with the pumps thing though Lagerfeld makes it work here. But I love the giant pearls, the backpack, the blazers with an off-the-shoulder collar, the white jacket with the drapey sleeves and the tweed mixed in with other fabrics like lace. Yummy!


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